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Concerns the tax deliverance of participants at the 30th logger’s championship

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Competition site

   The XXX World Logging Championship will be held in the Republican Olympic Training Center for winter sports “Raubichy”.
   The Republican Olympic Training Center for winter sports “Raubichy” is located at a distance of 20 km from the capital of Belarus Minsk and from the National airport “Minsk”. In close proximity to Raubichy there situated Minsk-Vitebsk highway.
   Training center was inherited its name from the village, situated nearby. The area, surrounding the sports center, is often called “Byelorussian Switzerland”. Local landscape on the peak of watershed height is inimitable and really bears resemblance to Switzerland.
   The scenery is a rare for Belarus combination of high hills and ridges, left after glacier, now covered with pines and spruces and hidden among them meadows, fields, meandering band of the Usiazh river, placid mirrorlike surface of artificial pond. Its undisturbed serenity impresses by its own exceptional attractiveness.
   Local climate adds to the beauty of the place and is characterized by comfortable temperate air temperature and precipitation volume, wind rose and excellent ecological conditions.
   Approaching Raubichy, tourists and sportsmen can enjoy from afar the sight of two octagonal towers, rising on top of one of the highest hills. This is Raubichy Kostel  (Polish Roman Catholic church) – the republican listed building, erected in 1858-1862 on the site of the former wooden kostel, existing here in the XVIII century. The building of kostel was restored in 1975-1978 and presently accommodates the Byelorussian Folk Museum exhibition.
   Not far from Raubichy Kostel  there situated the main attraction for visitors – sports complex “Raubichy”. The day of its opening is February 24, 1974 – the first day of its work. The architectural design  of all facilities is accomplished in unified dynamic forms, characterized by ridge-roofed style, harmoniously matching the surroundings with undulating relief.
   The history of Olympic sports complex Raubichy started in 1972. The International Biathlon Federation took a decision to hold the Biathlon World Championship 1974  on the territory of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR).The State Sports Committee of the USSR faced the necessity to choose the construction site for the sports complex both for holding the Championship and training of  skiers and biathlonists. The main criteria, determining the final choice, were mild winter climate (the Rules of the contests allowed the lowest temperature of maximum  - 20 ̊C), rugged terrain, recommended proximity (closed location) to airport and railroad station.
   With due account of all above mentioned the decision was made to hold the World Championship in the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR). The surroundings of Raubichy village were found the most acceptable place for the event. 20 km distance from the airport was also considered when making the choice. The start- up of the complex was planned on January 24,1974. And on the 26th of January the Biathlon World Championship  began. The complex comprised ski runs with a total length of 20 km, 2 shooting grounds with 30 targets and one additional shooting ground with 15 targets, referee's pavilion with broadcasting  equipment , 2 hotels, saunas, gymnasium.
   The sports complex Raubity hosted the Biathlon World Championships in 1974, 1976, 1982 and 1990, the European Championships in biathlon in 1998 and 2006. The complex was highly assessed by former President of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch and the Head of the International Union of pentathlon and biathlon Sven Tofeld.  After holding the World Championship 1082 in biathlon Raubichy complex was awarded a golden mark of UIPMB. The International Union of Biathlon assigned “A” category to the complex with issuance of the licence, enabling holding contests of the highest level without any exclusions.
   In 2004 the greatest number of viewers attended the European Biathlon Championship – 80 thousand people. In 2005 the European Forest Nordic Ski races were also held in Raubichy. The organization level got a high assessment of the European organizing committee EFNS.
   Along with international events Raubichy complex is a favourite resort for various local sports and professional competitions: Minsk ski races, President ski races, the Republican winter sports contest for the personnel of the Ministry of Forestry and subordinate enterprises, the Republican logging championships.
   Detailed information of Raubichy sports complex can be found at